NEW: Tiny Peanut earrings

There is a cute story behind the new addition to the Árbore·do·fogo shop:

The original pair of Tiny Peanut earrings was made as a custom order for a young mom. While expecting their first child, she and her husband took to calling their baby “Peanut”, and, after their son was born, she wanted a piece of jewellery to remind her of this private joke. Do peanuts have a special meaning to you?

Don’t forget that during December, all Árbore·do·fogo jewellery ships in special gift wrapping made from recycled card board boxes!




Introducing new gift wrapping option

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with wrapping and boxes. On the one hand, it is an integral part of product presentation, while, on the other, it is something that will most likely end up in the rubbish soon after a gift is received. I hate to think of all the surplus material that necessarily goes to waste.

In the case of Árbore·do·fogo, I’ve been thinking about options for gift wrapping that would add to the happiness of recipients, and now I feel like I came up with something I’m fairly pleased with: gift boxes made of recycled card board. Boxes that would go to the rubbish / recycling bin anyway are now given a second life – and a very glamorous one! –  before landing at a recycling plant.

As an additional feature, I’ve used card boxes in which craft beer is sold here in New Zealand, adding just a touch more kiwi spirit to Árbore·do·fogo.

BONUS: Special gift wrapping will be free on all purchases throughout December!


Christmas Lookbook & Black Friday

Being this my first ever summer Christmas, I’m finding it a bit difficult to get into the mood… Hence, last week I decided it was time to get some of the season’s decorations out of their boxes and improvise a little Christmas photo shoot.

To get in tune with the Christmas  spirit, I’ll be also offering a Black Friday sale with a shopwide discount of 30% from Friday, November 25 through to Sunday November 27. Scroll through to the bottom for the promo code.


Black Friday promo code: BF2016

Christmas Giveaway Winner

The árbore·do·fogo Instagram Christmas Giveaway concluded last week, and I’m immensely grateful to everyone who decided to participate. The lucky winner of the Golden Star earrings was Céclie from France (@remuemenage). Now the blue-grey Golden Stars of her choice are on their way to her! Congratulations!

christmasgift (1 of 1).jpg

New Double Triangle earrings are now available!

I’m pleased to present you the Double Triangle family joining the árbore·do·fogo collection this week. These earrings consist of two beaded triangles joined together at one side. The plain colour earrings are made up of two equal size pieces, while the speckled ones feature a slightly larger bottom triangle.

With all my pieces I strive to create something I myself would love wearing. I love simplicity and geometric shapes, and I just can’t see why these earrings would not be great with any outfit (as long as the colours match, of course). They can be funky, elegant, casual, you name it.

Double Triangle - plain gold and matte black slate
Double Triangle – plain gold and matte black slate
Double Triangle – plain gold and blue-grey
Double Triangle – speckled gold and pink
Double Triangle – speckled gold and yellow


Christmas giveaway!

I’ve been building up confidence for a while to host a giveaway, and, since Christmas is drawing nearer, I thought now would be a good time. The most Christmasy items currently available in the shop are the Golden Star earrings. So a pair of these is what I’m offering as a prize! The rules are as follows:

  1. Hop over to Instagram and follow @arboredofogo
  2. Look for the image advertising the giveaway (see below)
  3. Leave a comment stating which version of the Golden Star earrings you like best (silver or blue-grey) AND
  4. Tag two friends you think would also love to enter

The winner will be chosen randomly from among the commenters who qualify. Good luck!


Golden Star earrings in NEW colour now available

The lovely Golden Star earrings are now available in a new colour combination. I was already in love with the original version in pale pink, gold and silver: so subdued, so beautiful! But now I’d be hard pressed to pick my favourite. The matte blue-grey Miyuki delica beads are such a perfect match for gold and pink. Click over to the shop to see them for yourself!

Banana necklace and Fox necklace now available!

I’ve just posted two new items in the shop: the Banana necklace and the Fox necklace. If you ask me, they look pretty damn cool! Both made in Miyuki delica beads and complete with a tarnish resistant gold plated chain. What are you waiting for?

Banana necklace
Fox necklace

The shop is live!

The árbore·do·fogo shop is finally live on Etsy! Currently four earrings are available, but more items are to pop up soon, so keep an eye out for updates. Also, to celebrate the big occasion, I’m offering 10% discount throughout October. Visit the árbore·do·fogo Instagram account to find the coupon code.
Triangle wave earrings
Golden star earrings
Frosted heart earrings

Starting the journey…

While crafting has been an important part of my life as long as I can remember, I have never dared to seriously consider it as anything more than a pastime activity. I’ve done beading since a young age, I still remember anxiously waiting for my baby brother to fall asleep for his midday nap so I can take out my beads – at the time considered to constitute a serious hazard in the presence of a toddler. I would always come back to making jewellery, be it using beads, embroidery thread or wire. While at university, I made an incursion into copper enamel jewellery making, and perhaps for a brief moment dreamt of turning it into something more than a hobby, but went on to do some “real” work instead.

One morning a few weeks ago, for some unknown reason, I decided to put on a pair of beaded earrings I hadn’t worn for years. When I walked into a cafe to grab a bite, the two girls at the counter spotted them and looked surprised as I said I made them myself.  My partner, who was standing next to me, smiled in satisfaction and announced “see, I always tell her she should sell this stuff”. True enough, he as well as others had said that quite a few times, but I had always felt this comment coming from people who do not do crafts to be superficial or somehow missing the point. Why could I not make things just for the sake of my own enjoyment? Why did people feel the obligation to advice me to turn my hobby into profit? Who would buy my creations anyway? This time, however, a different thought popped into my head: Why not try?

So, I decided to take the leap and árbore·do·fogo was born.