Introducing new gift wrapping option

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with wrapping and boxes. On the one hand, it is an integral part of product presentation, while, on the other, it is something that will most likely end up in the rubbish soon after a gift is received. I hate to think of all the surplus material that necessarily goes to waste.

In the case of Árbore·do·fogo, I’ve been thinking about options for gift wrapping that would add to the happiness of recipients, and now I feel like I came up with something I’m fairly pleased with: gift boxes made of recycled card board. Boxes that would go to the rubbish / recycling bin anyway are now given a second life – and a very glamorous one! –  before landing at a recycling plant.

As an additional feature, I’ve used card boxes in which craft beer is sold here in New Zealand, adding just a touch more kiwi spirit to Árbore·do·fogo.

BONUS: Special gift wrapping will be free on all purchases throughout December!



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